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Domestic Water Services



To install a new blue polyethylene water supply pipe with an external diameter of 25mm from boundary of property to internal stop tap.

A new ducted entry point will be drilled and sleeved to protect the new pipe as it passes into the property

A new internal stop tap will be installed at the point of entry to the property.

All associated internal mains water supply pipes will be connected at this point.

The original stop tap will be removed and the original supply pipe capped.



The pipe will be laid by a thrust bore method (mole) which is powered by compressed air from L- 1m x W- 0.4m x D- 0.75m launch and receiving excavations where possible.

The thrust borer bores a hole approximately 45-55mm in diameter.

The average length between excavations is 12m.

The pipe is attached via an inserted puller to the hose and is manually pulled back through the bored hole.



Further excavations maybe required to locate the utility services, foul & storm drainage systems.

All excavations will be compacted on reinstatement


ELECTRICAL EARTH bonding connections or earth cable extensions may need to be carried out by an Electrical Engineer.

This work is not included in the costs and is not carried out by us. However we will be able to advise if this is necessary on the day of the works.


All works, Pipe and Fittings are Guaranteed for 1 year on completion of the works.

All fittings and pipe installed are WRAS certificated.

All personnel are WRAS - B PEC certificated in the 1999 Water Regulations Scheme.

W.I.A.P.S Water industry approved plumbers Registration no C 1996.

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